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Engineering Based Solutions for Water Handling and Firefighting Needs.

About Us

Company Information:
U.S. Coupling & Accessories, Inc. was started in 2004 to manufacture firefighting equipment and related water transfer products for the municipal and industrial firefighting markets. The goal of the company is to always be customer focused by providing the highest quality products at competitive prices, and to be responsive to the needs of the customer at all times.

U.S. Coupling relies on technology and innovation to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction. Investment in computerized numerical control machinery allows U.S. Coupling to maintain the highest quality of products and still achieve competitive pricing.

At U.S. Coupling we offer engineering based solution development for customer problems and needs. This methodology allows U.S. Coupling to offer new and unique product designs for the transfer of water, and allow for the improvement of the older “tried and true” designs in the market.

Aluminum - All Lightweight aluminum adapters and extruded aluminum couplings are manufactured from custom designed and seamlessly extruded aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum profiles.  Storz adapters use hot forged Storz head blanks in 6061-T6 alloy for serve duty use in the most extreme applications.  Aluminum castings are manufactured using A356.2 aluminum alloy and heat treated to a T-6 condition for high strength applications. 

Brass - All brass adapters and couplings are manufactured from custom designed hot forged brass in alloy 46400 to exceed WWC specifications.

Expansion Rings - Coupling expansion rings are made from custom tubing in alloy 85/15 (red brass) and drawn to a soft anneal to avoid cracking upon expansion.  All rings are supplied chamfered one end to avoid cutting the hose tube during installation.

Gaskets & Washers - Coupling tail (bowl) gaskets along with all coupling and adapter swivel washers are furnished with gaskets and washers manufactured by the lathe cut process.  All gaskets and washers are manufactured in EPDM rubber to NFPA specifications of 60+/-5 for tail gaskets and 70+/-5 for swivel washers.

Finishes - All aluminum products are provided in hard coat anodize to military specifications.  Additional finishes such as powder coating and chrome plating are available.   

Aluminum couplings and adapter swivels are attached with a hard alloy aluminum piston ring on 1 " thru 2 ", stainless steel ball bearings on 2-1/2 " thru 3-1/2 ", and aluminum roller bearings on 4 " thru 6 ". Brass couplings and adapter swivels are attached with a hard alloy brass piston ring on 1-1/2” & 2”, and brass roller bearings on 2-1/2”, and 3” & 4” uses stainless steel ball bearings.

About U.S. Coupling & Accessories, Inc.

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